Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Looking at the Media

After competing in extemporaneous speaking, an event which requires you to use news articles to support your points, and being politically involved for enough time, I've learned to navigate the media pretty effectively.

The truth is, there is no place to go that is "unbiased." EVERY news source has its biases because of human nature. Each news source reports on a single event differently. It's like looking at the world through 20 different filters and using your head to figure out what the "real" thing actually is. If you want to find out what actually happened, you need to read diverse news sources, each with their own opinion, and then form an understanding of the event.

That being said, here is a list of news sources ranked from most liberal to most conservative.

The Young Turks

Occupy Democrats

Daily Kos

Huffington Post

Media Matters for America

Washington Post


The Guardian


The New York Times


The Atlantic



The Economist

The Wall Street Journal

The Daily Signal

Fox News

The National Review

The Daily Caller

The Washington Times


The Blaze




Virtually all late night TV shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert are quite liberal, while most radio talk shows like The Rush Limbaugh Show 
are conservative. My list does not include websites on the extreme right and left wing like those run by neo-Nazis and communists.

While I encourage you to read the news from both the blue and red side, I would discourage you from reading political news from the top 3 and last 3 on this list, as well as most political channels on YouTube (these tend to be super polarized in one direction or the other). 

This list doesn't include every media source, so if you come across one not here try to make your own judgement which way the source leans before reading.

Above all, NEVER automatically believe what one person in the media says no matter how reliable or appealing they seem. Cross check and verify all facts online. It is tempting to just fall into a trance and just believe what they say, but you must watch the media critically. Think of them less as an authority giving you information and more as a police interview of suspects: some could be spinning or lying, and they all need to be compared and scrutinized. To my liberal friends: It's not just conservative sites who lie. Sites like Vice News and even CNN have trafficked completely incorrect information before. Vice News incorrectly claimed Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch started a "Fascism Forever" club, and CNN reported violence at the Nevada Democratic convention caused by Sanders supporters with no evidence.

Just a note: I am not calling the media dishonest or all bad journalists. All I'm saying is to be vigilant.