Saturday, 17 November 2018

Midterm Special

Well, you know by now that Democrats retook the house, for the first time in 8 YEARS! How many of us were even old enough to remember when Democrats were in power that way?

While Republicans strengthened their lead in the Senate, it was by very little now that Kristen Sinema, a Democrat, has won her race in Texas.


California isn't as blue as you think. In Orange County in Southern California, Republicans form a significant portion of the House Representatives California sends to Washington. 

Until this week, that is.

Democrats flipped four seats in Southern California, which we found out just this week. They also won a supermajority in both the State House and Senate, as well as the Governor's mansion. The California Democratic Party gleefully tweeted that Republicans have now been denigrated to third-party levels of irrelevance in California. 

Utah and Kansas

Yes, you read that right. Democrats won in states beyond their wildest dreams. The "heartland," long written off as unreachably red, went for Democrats this year. Or at least more than normal.

Congressional Democrats in Utah. In Texas, Democrats fell short of defeating Texas Senator Ted Cruz, which was an emotional disappointment for that night. However, they came closer than ever and because of something pundits are calling "the Beto effect", Democrats took House seats in Texas. 

However, the biggest surprise of the night was the defeat of Kansas governor Kris Kobach. A Democrat now heads Kansas's state government. Utterly unimaginable. The reason this happened can be seen in how one-party Republican rule of Kansas went too far, even for conservatives. They slashed taxes and kowtowed to big business, bankrupting the state. The government had to shorten the school week in Kansas as the school districts ran out of money. A revolt against this ended up with a Democrat in Kansas's highest state office.

A Year of Firsts

2018 has been called the "Year of the woman." Women ran for office and replaced men all across the country. 

The "Rainbow Wave" came out in full force this year as well. The first openly gay governor was elected in Colorado, the first bisexual woman was elected to the Senate, and Kim Davis, the conservative icon who refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples, was soundly defeated.

And I'm not making this up: A rainbow shone over Capitol Hill.

For the first time ever, not one but two Muslim women were elected.

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